M&A tax

Ensuring important transactions are tax-efficient.

M&A transactions are key moments in any company’s progress, and also moments when years of tax planning can be undone, especially cross-border deals involving less developed countries. Many deals are done under time pressure, making immediate access to on the ground expertise vital.

Our approach

When you are considering a merger or an acquisition, it is important to assess your tax obligations. You will want to make sure your transaction is as efficient as possible, both commercially and financially.

Tax is a vital part of our global, cross-disciplinary M&A service that brings in advisory, valuation, due diligence and integration consulting. Our understanding of the full transaction lifecycle helps us deliver key tax advice at the speed needed to ensure opportunities are seized and best prices obtained.

Our network spans more than 100 countries and territories, including expert presence in countries such as Brazil, China and India where tax systems are undergoing significant change and transactions can be tripped up by tax issues such as transfer pricing and rules on controlled foreign companies.

We offer particular assistance to a wide range of corporate clients, both listed and privately-owned companies for whom a major, cross-border M&A deal can be transformative, but which previously may have had needs for sophisticated tax planning.

Our services

We offer tax advice covering:

  • Direct advice on transaction structure;
  • Tax risk assessment;
  • Tax and VAT due diligence;
  • Strategic advice on tax for holding companies and other new corporate structures;
  • Advice on tax-efficient deal finance;
  • Advice tax-efficient return of funds to investors after a disposal;
  • Advice on post-acquisition structuring;
  • Advice on exit strategy.

Our tools & solutions

Our ability to combine internationally-relevant deal experience alongside in-depth knowledge of local tax jurisdictions will not only assist you in achieving your business objectives but do so in the most tax efficient way.

A single point of contact ensures that advice is coordinated even on the most complex transactions.

Our people 

We are proud of our own diverse, inclusive and highly international culture. Mazars' international tax team provides tax services across 5 continents and has the knowledge of tax rules from both a national and international level. They can provide you with specialist advice, ranging from cross-border mergers and acquisitions to transfer pricing and international financing operations to setting up new operations overseas.

Tax-efficient deal structuring

Structuring M&A deals for tax efficiency requires a nuanced understanding of local and global tax regulations. Our team of M&A tax specialists collaborates closely with our clients to design structures that optimize tax outcomes while aligning with commercial objectives. From selecting the appropriate legal entities to determining the most tax-efficient financing options, we ensure that every aspect of the deal is carefully crafted to minimize tax risks and maximize value.

Comprehensive tax due diligence

Effective due diligence is essential for identifying and mitigating tax risks inherent in M&A transactions. Our experienced M&A tax specialists conduct thorough tax due diligence reviews, leveraging our Global Tax Monitor (GTM) to monitor regulatory changes and assess potential tax exposures across multiple jurisdictions. By uncovering hidden liabilities and evaluating the tax implications of the transaction, we provide our clients with the insights needed to make informed decisions and negotiate favorable terms.

Tax modelling and pre-sale analysis

Tax modelling plays a crucial role in evaluating the financial impact of M&A transactions and assessing various deal structures. Our team utilizes advanced modelling techniques to simulate different scenarios and analyze the tax consequences of each option. Whether you're planning for an IPO, divestiture, or restructuring, our comprehensive pre-sale analysis enables you to anticipate tax implications, optimize deal structures, and enhance value for stakeholders.

Post-deal integration and tax optimization

Successful post-deal integration is essential for realizing the full benefits of an M&A transaction. Our experts work closely with clients to develop customized post-acquisition integration models that prioritize tax optimization and operational efficiency. From harmonizing tax policies and procedures to optimizing group structures and supply chains, we help streamline operations and maximize synergies while minimizing tax exposures.

Access to top M&A lawyers

In addition to our dedicated team of M&A tax specialists, we collaborate with leading M&A lawyers to provide comprehensive legal and tax advice throughout the transaction lifecycle. Our integrated approach ensures seamless coordination between legal and tax considerations, allowing us to address complex issues effectively and deliver optimal outcomes for our clients.

Continued support and advisory services

Our commitment to client success extends beyond the completion of the transaction. We provide ongoing support and advisory services to help clients navigate post-transaction challenges, including tax compliance, reporting obligations, and strategic tax planning. Whether you're expanding into new markets, restructuring your business, or planning future transactions, our team is here to provide expert guidance every step of the way.