Global mobility and employment tax

Ensuring the right skills are available when and where you need them.

Changes to the way we are all working are happening faster than ever before and businesses need to keep up if they are to survive. A new model is emerging, where staff with critical skills may be based anywhere in the world. This mobility increases the challenge of managing fast-changing government requirements in areas such as tax, social security, and immigration law. Our experienced team has global reach and can ensure both employer and employee remain compliant.

Our approach

In an increasingly globalised world, companies need to have access to the right people at the right time, wherever they are in the world. These days, having a global footprint can often mean moving the task to the worker rather than moving the worker to the task. This flexibility is key to success but achieving it means overcoming the complexity of managing teams in multiple locations.

We know there are many reasons companies use cross border resources. Understanding what is behind these decisions helps us tailor our support to achieve the best results possible.  We aim to build long lasting relationships with our clients and therefore place high value on the quality and practicality of our advice as well as on transparency and fairness in all our client interactions.

Our global mobility specialists provide access to a worldwide network of experts in areas including tax and social security, employment law, immigration, risk assessment, global payroll management and HR policy.

Our services

  • Assisting clients in optimizing salary packages, such as the use of impatriate tax regime, interest subsidy scheme and profit-sharing premium;
  • Advising on cross border employment arrangements;
  • Supporting clients with “remote worker” situations and planning;
  • Social security optimisation;
  • Assisting clients to remain fully compliant with tax, social security, payroll and other in-country requirements;
  • Managing immigration risk and supporting our clients with applications;
  • Tracking and reporting short-term business visitors;
  • Reviewing global mobility and tax equalisation strategy and policy;
  • Mobility cost projection;
  • Global payroll coordination and reporting.

Our people

We are proud of our own diverse, inclusive and multicultural team, which provides the foundation for our advice in this area. Our partnership spans more than 100 countries and territories giving us a shared perspective with clients facing the complications of today’s global workforce.

The Global Mobility landscape

In today's dynamic work environment, businesses face unprecedented changes, with critical skills dispersed globally. This shift towards remote work and global mobility brings forth a host of challenges, particularly in navigating complex tax, social security, and immigration regulations. At Mazars, our  team provides comprehensive support to ensure both employers and employees remain compliant amidst evolving government requirements.

As businesses strive to access talent worldwide, the concept of a global footprint has transformed, emphasizing task mobility over employee relocation. This flexibility is pivotal for success but entails managing teams across diverse locations, a task riddled with complexities. Staying compliant with tax, social security, and payroll obligations is paramount for organizations operating across borders. Our experts work closely with clients to develop tailored strategies for managing employment tax costs & reporting, including wage withholding tax optimization and superannuation planning. Through proactive compliance monitoring and reporting, we help clients mitigate risks and avoid costly penalties.

Our global mobility specialists offer access to an extensive network of experts, spanning tax, social security tax, employment law, immigration, risk assessment, payroll management, and HR policy. We assist clients in optimizing salary packages through schemes like impatriate tax regimes and profit-sharing premiums, while also advising on cross-border contractual arrangements and supporting remote worker scenarios.

Navigating social security optimization, ensuring compliance with tax and payroll regulations, managing employment tax costs, and employment tax reporting are integral facets of our services. We meticulously track short-term business visitors, review mobility cost projections, and coordinate global payroll operations to streamline processes and mitigate compliance risks. From managing wage withholding tax to ensuring expatriate tax compliance, our expertise spans the intricate landscape of international tax systems, including the income tax system in Luxembourg.