Global compliance

An integrated team to help you navigate the complexities of global regulation.     

Companies today are grappling with a wide array of evolving rules and regulations that are becoming increasingly difficult to manage. No longer is it simply a matter of completing a set of tax returns. Our global compliance service is designed to help you ensure good governance by meeting your specific obligations.

Our approach 

The increasing complexity of the legal and regulatory environment creates a major challenge for companies. Ensuring compliance with an ever-expanding set of rules and laws is costly, resource-intensive and requires local knowledge. Successfully navigating these obligations at a domestic and international level is critical, but often difficult to manage.

At Mazars, we offer a global compliance service that helps you achieve your business ambitions while meeting your obligations. When you choose us, you benefit from the breadth and depth of our expertise around the world, with our team bringing the best of what we offer to your business.

Our clients are businesses of all sizes, from small domestic companies to large multinationals. No matter how big or small you may be, we proactively anticipate and solve problems when and where they arise, and devote additional resources when required. By taking an agile and flexible approach, we can meet your needs as they evolve and provide you with an integrated team that includes specialists from across different disciplines and geographies in our business. Our central coordination teams will ensure SLAs and KPIs are respected.

Our global compliance service has been designed so that we can tailor it to your circumstances. Your single point of contact will provide you with the reliable and high-quality service you expect from Mazars and coordinate our team to ensure that you remain compliant. Our integrated partnership allows us to operate as one team and make sure we will deliver you a consistent service across the globe.

Our tools & solutions 

inControl is our digital compliance platform, designed to help global organisations monitor and enhance their compliance processes. It provides a clear and transparent view of the complete compliance process and makes it possible to assess the performance of internal and external teams.

Global tax compliance services and international tax compliance

In addition to our comprehensive global compliance service, Mazars offers specialized expertise in global tax compliance services and international tax compliance. With the ever-changing landscape of tax regulations, including the OECD model tax convention, businesses face increasing challenges in adhering to laws and regulations while optimizing their tax strategies. Our team of tax experts ensures that your company remains compliant with international tax laws, minimizes risks of reputational damage, and maximizes tax efficiency.

Furthermore, we understand the importance of global trade compliance regulations in today's interconnected business environment. Non-compliance with trade regulations can result in severe penalties and reputational risks for your business. Our team provides tailored solutions to help you navigate complex trade regulations, ensuring that your business operations remain in full compliance with global trade laws and regulations.

Anti-Mony Laundering (AML) compliance

In addition to tax and trade compliance, Mazars offers expertise in anti-money laundering (AML) compliance. With the increasing focus on combating financial crimes, adherence to AML regulations is essential for businesses operating on a global scale. Our AML specialists help you implement robust AML policies and procedures, conduct risk assessments, and provide training to your staff to mitigate the risk of money laundering activities.

Moreover, we recognize the importance of integrating global regulatory compliance into your firm's risk management infrastructure. Our global compliance supervision services ensure that your firm's business rules, standards, and regulations are consistently applied across all jurisdictions. By implementing firmwide policies and procedures, we help you mitigate regulatory risks and maintain a strong culture of compliance throughout your organization.