Helping you thrive in a changing market.

The retail sector is undergoing major changes. Changing consumer behaviours, emerging technologies and market globalisation have all created major disruption while also improving shopping experience and supporting multichannel retail. We have access to valuable local knowledge as we work both with large groups as well as with small, local retailers. Our specialists are thus well-equipped to advise and guide you through a complex market with insights and practical business solutions.

Our approach  

Various factors are driving a major disruption, including the rise of e-commerce, sustainability, internationalism and new business models. Navigating the changes in the sector can be challenging for those that attempt it in isolation. To achieve success, companies must develop and implement effective strategies, manage change, adopt new technologies and focus on the right markets. 

Our dedicated team has leading experience in the sector and purpose a full range of services to meet your needs. Our international footprint not only gives us the advantage of a broader perspective of the industry, but also allows us to bring together sector specialists from across our firm to leverage their technical expertise. 

We will work with you to understand the challenges you face and help you identify the best solutions for your long-term strategy. Our audit, advisory and tax experts can help you to:  

Align your organisation with new market opportunities 

Whether you are creating new businesses, moving into emerging and growth markets, or disposing of non-strategic assets, we ensure the success of your acquisitions and partnership projects by providing financial advisory, legal and tax support, taking local specificities and regulations into account. 

Optimise and secure your operations 

To improve and safeguard your operations, our experts can support you in assessing the quality of providers and auditing third parties. We can help you review contractual obligations, monitor your franchisees by auditing stores, and reinforce control over your distribution networks while preventing fraud.  

Improve your performance to create value  

It is vital to enhance your business’ competitiveness and relevance for consumers. We can help in the development of your multichannel strategies and improve your digital performance through reliable technology and data management so you can predict sales, optimise logistics and gain consumer insights. Our specialists can help you drive meaningful change by incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles into your long-term strategy, bringing traceability on supply chains and creating value for your business.  

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