Aerospace & defence

Innovative thinking to help solve the most complex challenges.

The actors of the Aeronautics, Defence and Space sector are facing unprecedented ruptures on multiple levels. In order to remain at the forefront of innovation and design the technologies of tomorrow, theses actors must embark on a transformative journey. Our experts offers solutions to help you redefine your business strategy, navigate digitalisation and optimise your operations.

Our approach

Aerospace and defence is one of the most dynamic and transformative industries. It is a truly global market, ranging from commercial aviation to advanced defence and security systems, where suppliers and operators are constantly faced with intense financial pressure and customer demand.

At Mazars, we offer specific expertise and tailored solutions to help you improve your performance and achieve your goals. We have proven experience in the aeronautics, space and defence sectors, where we work with manufacturers, suppliers and MRO companies of all sizes, as well as industry organisations and ministries and departments of defence around the world. When we work with you, we bring together experts from our international network to provide advice and guidance that secures your future competitiveness.

Offering a range of audit, tax and advisory services, we have the solutions to help you meet the challenges you face:

Financing and securing your supply chain

Our specialists work with you to secure programme and infrastructure financing, optimise and secure your global supply chain and implement new financing solutions such as reverse factoring.

Seizing market opportunities and enhancing your market presence

We can help you set up new businesses or enter emerging and growing markets, identify new product lines, and ensure the success of your acquisitions and partnership projects.

Securing and optimising your operations

It is essential that your business is strong. We can work with you to digitalise your operations and harness data to improve productivity. In addition, we can review your investment projects, implement internal controls and risk management procedures, and conduct reviews to improve decision-making and fraud prevention.

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