Internal audit

Protect your strategic vision through a dynamic approach to internal audit.

Today’s companies are facing pressures from multiple angles. With new risks constantly emerging, an effective internal audit function can improve operations, facilitate change, face regulatory challenges and provide stakeholders with assurance. Indeed, internal audit is an independent activity which aims at giving to the company an insurance on the control of the operations. It also play more and more an advisor role within an organization in order to increase and create an added value to the management / governing bodies.

Our approach

The internal audit function constitutes, within the organisation of your entity, an independent and permanent function of critical assessment of the adequacy and effectiveness of the central administration, internal governance and business and risk management as a whole in order to assist the board of directors, the audit committee and the authorised management of the institution to monitor their activities and the risks related thereto and thus to protect your entity and its reputation.

Banks, investment firms, investment fund managers, professionals of the financial sector (“PFS”) such as specialized PFS and support PFS as well as payment and electronic money institutions, are facing increased requirements in terms of robustness of the internal audit function. This function is also experiencing critical challenges in their day-to-day work due to the increasing complexity of the environment of these institutions, in line with the evolution of the legal and regulatory requirements.

Mazars’ Internal Audit team has extensive experience in this area. They will assist you to implement an internal audit strategy that fully responds to your requirements and covers all the risk areas in relation to your business. Depending on your needs and preference, we will work with you as strategic partners, in full delegation, or as provider of specific resources and competencies to cover complex areas or topics.

Our Internal Audit team specializes in the application of a risk-based approach for the delivery of our internal audit services. We have access to specialists across a range of sectors and we are fully equipped to assist our clients in meeting Internal Audit challenges.

We can provide you with advice on:

  • Internal audit outsourcing;
  • Internal audit co-sourcing;
  • External quality assessment [IIA Standard 1312];
  • Internal audit setup and methodology.

Internal audit services overview:

Our internal audit services ensure robust governance and risk management processes tailored to your organization's needs:

  • Audit expertise: We offer comprehensive internal audit solutions, including audit reports, plans, scoping, and fieldwork, conducted by experienced internal auditors.
  • Risk assessment: Utilizing a risk-based approach, we identify and manage risks across compliance, environmental, performance, financial, operational, and security domains.
  • Compliance and governance: We advise on governance processes, compliance with regulatory frameworks like MiFID and AML/CTF, and strengthen internal control systems.
  • Specialised audits: Our services cover compliance, environmental, performance, financial, operational, and security technology audits to address diverse organizational needs.
  • Professional standards: Adhering to IPPF and IIA guidelines, we maintain the highest standards of professional ethics and practices.
  • Flexible engagement: Choose from internal audit outsourcing, co-sourcing, or advisory services tailored to your preferences