Regulatory compliance

Helping you anticipate and react to an evolving regulatory environment.

Companies today are operating in an environment where regulatory change seems almost constant. The requirements have become more stringent, while the web of rules and regulations have become inherently more complex. At Mazars, we can help you navigate these complexities so you can meet business objectives and enhance shareholder value.

Our approach

The financial institutions (including banking, asset management, payment service providers and insurance) are facing a wave of regulatory change around the world. Businesses are seeking to adhere to much stricter rules and regulations while at the same time that they are striving to meet shareholder demands and adapt to new business models.

The way financial institutions respond to the evolving regulatory landscape and adapt their business models will have a major impact on their future success. At Mazars, we provide regulatory compliance advice and guidance to businesses of all sizes, finding solutions to complex problems and challenges. We believe your priority should be on identifying and addressing issues before they cause harm, which is why we offer tailored solutions that are built on a full understanding of your business and the market in which it operates.

Our team of regulatory specialists has the expertise, experience, skills and resources to guide you through the new regulatory landscape, providing you true market insights and pragmatic solutions to the new regulatory challenges.

Our experts can help you to:

  • Provide a Regulatory Watch services;
  • Identify and manage regulatory risks;
  • Assist the compliance function in the fields of compliance risk assessment / compliance monitoring plan, compliance reporting, compliance hotline, compliance resources (“staff lending”), compliance reporting;
  • Perform regulatory inspection simulation (so called “mock” or “dress rehearsal”), regulatory gap analysis / health-check on any regulation, design regulatory remediation plan;
  • Assist in setting up new regulatory entities in Luxembourg (e.g. banks, investment firms, investment fund managers, specialized PFS, support PFS, payment and electronic money institutions) through the drafting of application files the Luxembourg regulatory authorities;
  • Provide AML/CTF services (e.g. AML / CTF Policies & Procedures, AML/CTF Risk Assessment, ML/TF Risk Appetite Statement, AML/CTF CSSF questionnaire, performance of AML/KYC review / remediations, AML/CTF training).