External Audit

An independent auditor helps you to enhance the quality and reliability of your financial information. It promotes trust and confidence towards investors, creditors and other stakeholders.

Our teams will adapt themselves to your specificities in order to fulfill your expectations. In this context, our team will offer you different approaches:

Legal and contractual financial statement audits for all industry sectors:

  • We undertake to put our industry experts from our multi-sectorial practice at your disposal;
  • Partners and Managers time usually accounts for more than 25% of our budgeted hours. Beyond their participation in clearance meetings, they actively contribute to fieldwork to ensure appropriate focus, efficiency and relevance;
  • Our teams offer a combination of technical excellence and pragmatism based on best market practices. From the time they join us, our specialised industry staff acquire the necessary training, knowledge and experience to serve you;
  • Independent and challenging: expect us to be independent in thought and challenging in our approach; using our market knowledge and experience, but nonetheless remaining pragmatic by taking into account of the particular circumstances of your entity;
  • We will promote year-round communication with you to enhance the quality and efficiency of the audit and avoid last minute surprises;
  • We will work in close collaboration with you so as to deliver our services within an agreed timeframe;


We provide audit services, as required by the regulators or contractual obligations as and when they become relevant for you, such as:

  • Long form report for Banks, PSFs and Investment Funds;
  • Special report for Insurance/Re-Insurance companies;
  • Specific report upon regulator’s request.


We also provide other Assurance services, such as:

  • Agreed upon procedures on specific financial or non-financial information;
  • Financial due diligence;
  • Contributions in kind;
  • Liquidation audits;
  • Interim dividends.


The industries we serve today include:

  • Banking and PFS;
  • UCITS;
  • Real Estate/Private Equity;
  • Management Companies;
  • Insurance/Re-Insurance;
  • Securitization;
  • Commercial, Industrial and Public Sector entities.