Social Responsibility

As a socially conscious organisation, the responsibility and principle linked to the sustainable development are at the heart of Mazars challenges. Since 2008, the Group has structured and perpetuated its approach as part of a strategy for the Group Social Responsibility called Partnership Social Responsibility (PSR).


A strategy based on our values


A long term commitment

The Mazars Partnership Social Responsibility strategy is defined through programmes designed and developed at Group level, then adopted and enriched at country level.

Furthermore, the countries also have a wide margin of initiative, which allows many local projects to be implemented and become good practices that may be replicated within the Group.

For several years, Mazars has described the main actions linked to its Partnership Social Responsibility strategy within its Group annual report.

In 2011, the Group even reinforced its commitment by becoming a member of the UN Global Compact and by actively supporting its 10 founding principles, whilst reinforcing its communication on the subject.